Real estate services in Girona and the Costa Brava

At Finques Gineró we provide our clients with the best properties in Girona city and the Costa Brava.

David Casas

David Casas


Since 2002, I have dedicated my professional career to the exciting world of sales, working as a salesperson with a dedicated and customer-oriented approach. I took my first steps in this field in the automobile sales sector, where I learned the importance of personalized attention and building strong relationships with customers.

During my years in automobile sales, I enhance my skills to understand the specific needs of each customer and offer tailored solutions. My steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction became the cornerstone of my work approach. Transparency, empathy, and integrity were key values that guided me in every transaction. Over time, I decided to explore new horizons and channel my passion for sales into the real estate sector.

Since then, I have applied my experience and knowledge to facilitate successful real estate transactions, always maintaining my commitment to customer satisfaction as an absolute priority.

My goal in building long-term relationships and my rigorous work ethic have been fundamental in my journey as a salesperson. Every day, I strive to exceed my customers' expectations, providing quality service and ensuring they find exactly what they are looking for.

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Clara Raurich

Clara Raurich


After completing my studies at the University of Girona, I decided to embark on an exciting international experience to broaden my horizons. I moved to Oxford (England) where I had the opportunity to fully immerse myself in British culture and improve my English language skills.

During those years abroad, I not only grew personally, but also took the opportunity to pursue a master's degree in marketing at a prestigious academic institution, thus consolidating my experience and knowledge in this area.

Upon my return, I entered the workforce with enthusiasm and determination. My first professional experience was as an administrator in a company, where I could apply the knowledge acquired during my academic training and my specialization in marketing.

In 2024, we brought to life an exciting project by jointly founding a real estate agency in Girona. As partners and colleagues, we embarked on this challenge with passion and commitment.

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