Do you want to sell and don't know how?


Before publishing an advertisement, whether to sell or rent, it is mandatory to have the Energy Efficiency Certificate (EEC). A technical architect can do it in a few days, and you can also take the opportunity to process the Occupancy Certificate.


When receiving visits from potential buyers, open blinds, lights, and curtains. The home should appear bright, tidy, clean, and free of many large furniture pieces and personal effects such as photos and heavy decorations. This will ensure a good first impression and help the buyer better visualize the spaces.


We cannot take dark photos, vertical shots, with unmade beds, open toilet lids, disordered kitchens, etc. It's not about disguising or deceiving the buyer, but showing the best side of the property. Photos using a wide-angle lens, brightening the image, and with plenty of light will attract more public. We like to include photos of common areas like gardens, pools, garages, and also the nicest areas of the neighborhood, whether it's the beach or a picture of the neighborhood in general, to give the client an idea of the area they will live in.


It is essential to create a good advertisement and publish it online. There are free real estate portals for individuals.


You cannot sell a property that is supposedly ready to move into if a light doesn’t work, the blinds don't go up, there are visible damp spots, or leaking faucets. If you repair and paint before starting visits, or even install new parquet flooring, the impression on the buyer will be that of a well-maintained property.


Avoid bureaucratic problems for the buyer. Request a simple note from the Property Registry and resolve administrative charges before advertising the property. This will ensure that the sale can be quick and hassle-free.


Some owners decide to set a price far above the property’s value. "I'm not in a hurry to sell," but the buyer is also not in a hurry to buy something expensive. Very high prices scare off potential buyers and make properties unsellable. It is not advisable to have a property listed for months or years, as this will make it lose appeal and become "burned."


Selling a property with a real estate agent offers several advantages, such as deep market knowledge and access to a wide network of contacts to find buyers quickly. They also employ effective marketing strategies and are skilled negotiators, managing the sales process and documentation, saving the seller time and effort. Additionally, they have access to professional resources that facilitate a smooth and profitable transaction.

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